Wall Objects: Making Art Work

At LUMAS we place a lot of value on finding the unique ways to produce our artworks in order to accent or augment their individuality. We use the perfect configuration to run with the artist’s style and enhance – or even reinterpret – the color and composition. That way, we make sure LUMAS art is presented in the best possible way.

Natasha Chomko

Natasha Chomko is an artist at the forefront of collage, drawing inspiration from a vast array of sources, time periods and artistic styles. In her latest works, Chomko masterfully combines classic mid-century motifs with space-age colors and contemporary digital techniques, creating spellbinding works that are simultaneously psychedelic and soothing.

Rafael Neff

In his "Movement" series, the Swiss artist and photographer Rafael Neff transforms his fascination with clockwork mechanisms into an absorbing artistic experience. The inner workings of luxury watches are expertly photographed and arranged in a wooden grid. By fragmenting and combining these elements, Neff creates transfixing works of modern art, underpinned by the contrast between the meticulously arranged mechanics and the natural grain of the wooden framing.

Chris Frost

Chris Frost: Woolland Woods

Canadian Maple White

Every spring, the woods of Dorset (England’s Jurassic Coast) are transformed into an immense display of wild blossoms. British landscape photographer Chris Frost approaches the foliage at its most beautiful springtime moment during his early morning walks.
A dynamic and refined viewing experience is achieved with the dichotomous and offset diptychs, whose arrangement softens the rigid monotony of the frame while simultaneously creating natural tension between the image's two sections.

Alastair Pincaud

Alastair Pincaud: Pan Am

Pan Am’s cult aircraft is transformed into a place full of stories

The iconic Pan Am aircraft becomes a storytelling haven of unique personalities through Pincaud's photoplastic staging.
Alastair Pincaud becomes curiosity's accomplice, allowing us a glimpse “behind” the façade of a New York apartment building. With both attention to detail and humor, he creates suspense-filled cinematic snapshots.

Wolfgang Uhlig

Wolfgang Uhlig: Portugal West Coast

Uhlig's asymmetrical diptychs lead viewers on a captivating visual journey

By splitting the image, Wolfgang Uhlig deliberately guides our attention from one part of the picture to the other. The asymmetrical diptych in a white floater frame creates an interruption in the horizon and sea. In this way, Uhlig reveals a new perspective, transforming a seascape off the coast of Sardinia into a stunning wall object.

Renaud Delorme

Renaud Delorme: Kate

Multi-Layer Wall Art

The layered wall objects by Renaud Delorme are nearly an optical illusion at first glance. Their three-dimensional effect is due to a clever combination of layers. A black half-tone portrait of a famous face is printed directly on the acrylic glass for the foreground. The background composed from meticulously arranged objects adds color to the portrait. Delorme’s work is in line with the tradition of Pop Art and sets a colorful accent in any room.

Jack Marijnissen

Jack Marijnissen: Manhattan at Sunset

Jack Marijnissen: Manhattan at Sunset

Jack Marijnissen’s New York has a sculpture like character. The handcrafted wooden frame laid over the photograph creates a façade, as if you were looking through a window into the city during that tranquil moment when the day becomes night, and the light slowly fades over the murmur of the metropolis.

Oscar Zieta

Oscar Zieta: RONDO 120

Sculptural mirror

The RONDO sculptural mirrors are made of Stainless-steel sheets, then laser cut and literally inflated until they have ballooned to organic and shiny shapes resemble fluid forms, and at times they bring us to smile exploring forms , which resamble a giant doughnut or droplets.

Christiane Zschommler

Christiane Zschommler: Blossom I

The unique frame transforms your wall into a window to another world.

The Wood Lattice Frame gives Christiane Zschommler’s work a sculptural feel. The purpose-built, handmade frames provide a geometric structure that makes these non-continuous images into cohesive works of art resembling windows to worlds that don't exist.

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