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What is Digital art?

According to the Tate Gallery London, Digital Art is ‘...a term used to describe art that is made or presented using digital technology’. Nowadays of course, almost everything has a digital influence, but here we refer to works that simply couldn't exist without digital software or hardware. This can range from works digitally created from scratch such as those from Massimo Colonna or Guachinarte - or works that have been fundamentally manipulated digitally - like the works by Carol Muthiga-Oyekunle or Robert Jahns.

Digital art is constantly and quickly evolving, with NFT Art and AI Art being two fairly recent iterations of this artwork genre. LUMAS strives to be at the forefront of art innovation, and we are passionate about supporting both well-known and up-and-coming artists as they explore the ever-evolving, exciting world of digital art. Watch this space, because how digital art looks today will be very different to how it looks tomorrow!

Digital Art at LUMAS

LUMAS digital art includes works by Spanish 3D artist Javier Soler Esplugues, who creates visually engaging experiments involving the ancient dream of visiting distant planets. In a stylish new Orion space suit by NASA, two astronauts travel through space and time to enjoy an extraterrestrial holiday. With the help of digital rendering, the artist’s works explore the limits of reality and take the viewer on an inspirational journey into utopia.

While he was studying economics, the many possibilities of digital image creation so inspired Esplugues that he subsequently devoted himself entirely to artificially created pictures and became a self-taught 3D artist. With a specialisation in image and film, he uses 3D techniques in multifaceted narrative forms in order to visualise his fantastic ideas. As a skilled creator of his own visions, his works quickly brought him great international renown and popularity within the cosmos of digital art.

With an avant-garde approach that combines different disciplines, Marta Contreras Simó has left an indelible mark that transcends the conventional framework of the world of photography and digital art. Her passion for art and fashion, which has refined her sense of the zeitgeist, has led her to explore the creative boundaries of artificial intelligence to bring her visions to life. The combination of technology and imagination gives rise to the fantasy world of the photographer and artist from Barcelona. In her works, she explores the connection between beauty and individuality across time and cultures. From a multidisciplinary perspective, her work fuses traditional elements with a modern aesthetic, creating a space where past and present merge under her authentic ability to reveal the beauty of the unusual.

3D art and AI are just two forms of digital art. Other forms and mediums include 3D art and sculpting, animation, lenticular art and digital photography. Various techniques such as photomanipulation, algorithmic art and generative art are all interesting disciplines for the budding art collector to keep their eye on!

Of course the real question is, what will come next? Watch this space for digital art as it emerges, and sign up for our newsletter to be amongst the first to know about the evolution of this fascinating art genre.

How is Digital art created?

There are numerous methods for creating digital art. These range from software and online programs such as Adobe Photoshop, to algorithms and AI tools that generate entirely virtual art. Digital hardware such as tablets, scanners and 3D printers are then used to bring the art to life.

Often, artists use a variety of software, tools and hardware to create artworks truly unique to them.

Depending on whether the artist wants to create a painting, animation, 3D art or sculpture, a photograph or drawing, different softwares and hardwares really come into their own.

Is digital art really art??

Digital art continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, and it plays an increasingly significant role in contemporary art and media. The world of digital art shares a great deal with that of the abstract. Both are free from the conventions of form and genre, and both embody unique forms. Fall in love with gallery-quality, limited-edition Digital Art at LUMAS!

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