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With an avant-garde approach that combines different disciplines, Marta Contreras Simó has left an indelible mark that transcends the conventional framework of the world of photography and digital art. Her passion for art and fashion, which has refined her sense of the zeitgeist, has led her to explore the creative boundaries of artificial intelligence to bring her visions to life. The combination of technology and imagination gives rise to the fantasy world of the photographer and artist from Barcelona. In her works, she explores the connection between beauty and individuality across time and cultures. From a multidisciplinary perspective, her work fuses traditional elements with a modern aesthetic, creating a space where past and present merge under her authentic ability to reveal the beauty of the unusual.
The artist illustrates that 'promptography' is an art form in its own right: with its own unique challenges and unparalleled potential. While digital tools often replace a sensual approach with technical perfection, Marta Contreras Simó succeeds in transferring her delicate, sensitive approach, which gives her photography its unmistakable signature, to the digital sphere. In doing so, she allows her extraordinarily fine sense of color, composition and texture to shine through and be inspired by innovative technology. Attributes such as the porcelain-like alabaster skin of individual figures are staged with such precision that the pictorial space is dominated by gentle nuances. By deliberately adding some individual, surreal notes, abstract elements, such as aloofness, are translated into visual language. In this way, the artist combines the visual sphere with the level of meaning and allows her aesthetic depth to rise to the surface. Recurring, almost playfully exaggerated elements such as the motif of luxurious hats invite the viewer on a journey through space and time. In addition to the impression of being transported to bygone eras, the illusion is created of becoming part of Lewis Carroll's fantastic wonderland.
The creative process behind her works requires a great deal of time and dedication. The search for the perfect image becomes a meticulous task that involves solid experimentation and a deep commitment to her artistic vision. A keen eye for detail, composition and aesthetics accompanies all her works, turning fashion into an artistic manifestation of individuality. By incorporating ephemeral elements such as light and movement, she transforms the viewer's experience into something dynamic, capturing the transience of reality that inspires reflection on permanence, continuity and change.