David Bowie: different every time

Our homage to a star

David Bowie always knew how to make an entrance - loud, flamboyant, and always original. This layered, complex aspect of the artist has been captured in three new artworks by British photo artist Gavin Evans. Comprising of two colorful pop art pieces and one black-and-white portrait, the artworks will be released on Bowie’s birthday.

The pop artworks, Changes II and III, are based on Evans’ iconic “shushing” Bowie portrait. Through lenticular technology and a daring use of color and shade, Evans shows yet another side to the chameleonic star. The original photos, as well as the black-and-white portrait Lazarus I, were taken during the legendary 1995 “Session” photoshoot in London where Evans had just 40 minutes to meet and photograph Bowie. The instantly recognizable pose took on new meaning for the photographer after Bowie’s death in 2016. “It seems to me like he’s telling us not to cry” Evans said at the time. Through his works, the Berlin-based photographer continues to play an important role in cherishing Bowie’s memory and keeping his legacy alive.

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