People Photography

From famous faces to perfectly staged fashion models, our people photography displays the human form in all its depth and intricacy. Find your favorite figurative artwork and bring home a true work of art!

Getting to Know Figurative Photography

Figurative photography is a type of figurative art which features people as its subject matter. Similar to portrait photography, figurative photography typically captures human subjects in artistic compositions. But whereas the portrait is a classic genre centered on revealing a personality - human or animal - the figurative is concerned foremost with the human figure.

Figurative art as an artistic tendency was challenged in the 20th century by the ascent of new art forms. With the arrival of abstract art, artists increasingly came to take a variety of subjects which lay without the "real world" as their subject matter. In lieu of real subjects new trends in photography and other mediums featured shapes, patterns, and geometry. Figure painting, which alongside the landscape had been a dominant preoccupation of artists, was replaced by abstract movements with an ascendant focus on the spiritual, the elemental, and the refined forms (or formlessness) of nature.

As a characteristic form of modern art, the figural "returned" - after long forays into the abstract, and into patterned modernist design characteristic of mid century modern art - in the late third quarter of the 20th century. Pop Art characteristically featured human subjects, including as featured in comic and graphic art. Today, while hyperrealistic art retains and expands upon strong references to the real world. its primary function is recreate reality in ways that may seem uncanny. In a long sequence of mutual exchange and progression, photorealism in painting opened the way for new currents of realist aesthetics, including in fine art photography.

The LUMAS Collection of People Photography

The LUMAS portfolio contains a wide range of artistic photography featuring people. Black and white photography, with its characteristic ability to depict reality with a kind of spare exactitude, is one of the preferred vehicles for fine art portraits. Our celebrity portraits feature some of the most iconic people in modern culture, from Marilyn Monroe to Frida Kahlo.

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