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From small tokens of your affection to grand gestures, we make it easy to find artistic presents. Explore enchanting ideas from the comfort of your own home in our exclusive guide to gifts from the art world.

  Frivolitès II by Christian Lacroix
Frivolitès II
Christian Lacroix
from € 239 to € 1,099
  Frivolitès III by Christian Lacroix
Frivolitès III
Christian Lacroix
from € 239 to € 1,099
  Papillon I by Christian Lacroix
Papillon I
Christian Lacroix
from € 239 to € 1,099
  Papillon II by Christian Lacroix
Papillon II
Christian Lacroix
from € 239 to € 1,099

Multifacted Artworks

Fall in love with lenticular art – you won’t believe your eyes

  A Girl´s Best Friend  by Anton Sparx
A Girl´s Best Friend
Anton Sparx
from € 1,099 to € 1,999
  Sun Of Africa by Anton Sparx
Sun Of Africa
Anton Sparx
from € 949 to € 1,999
  Pink Dream by Anton Sparx
Pink Dream
Anton Sparx
from € 949 to € 1,999
  Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by Anton Sparx
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Anton Sparx
from € 1,099 to € 1,999

Let Flowers Do the Talking

Floral art never wilts

Keep It Classy

A classic look: framed black-and-white photos with passe-partout mats

The Art Now Collection - Make It Personal

Small artworks to send with a personal greeting.

1. Find an artwork you love.

2. Add a personal message.

3. Have it sent delivered to the recipient.

In Love with the City

Perfectly captured landscapes and famous metropolises

For Wild Hearts

Discover gifts for animal lovers

LUMAS Masters

Exquisite art for exquisite people

Jeff Koons

In a league of his own – now available at LUMAS

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Find Inspiration

  Der Kuss by Claudio Gotsch
Der Kuss
Claudio Gotsch
€ 179
  NYC Balloons by Robert Jahns
NYC Balloons
Robert Jahns
€ 179
  Selection Bag - Flowerheads by Olaf Hajek
Selection Bag - Flowerheads
Olaf Hajek
€ 319
  Red Couture Valentino dress with evening bag by Eduard Erlikh
Red Couture Valentino dress with evening bag
Eduard Erlikh
€ 119
  The only one in the world by Peperina Magenta
The only one in the world
Peperina Magenta
€ 599
  Future Order by Orlanda Broom
Future Order
Orlanda Broom
from € 349 to € 1,099
  Blossom III by Heiko Hellwig
Blossom III
Heiko Hellwig
from € 399 to € 1,099
  Bloom by Ysabel Lemay
Ysabel Lemay
from € 399 to € 3,990
  Lazarus LVII by Gavin Evans
Lazarus LVII
Gavin Evans
€ 299
  Crown Cranes Explore New Terrain by Pat Swain
Crown Cranes Explore New Terrain
Pat Swain
from € 399 to € 1,499
  Springtime Catwalk by Derek Gores
Springtime Catwalk
Derek Gores
from € 349 to € 799
  Head Turner by Greg Kadel | Trunk Archive
Head Turner
Greg Kadel | Trunk Archive
  Girl with a Fish by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Girl with a Fish
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
€ 149
  Let's Make Up by Cindy Press
Let's Make Up
Cindy Press
€ 949
  Sweet Love by Cathy Scola
Sweet Love
Cathy Scola
€ 29
  THE SECRET II by Joe Mcdermott
Joe Mcdermott
from € 699 to € 1,399
  Antoinette Golden Tear by Olaf Hajek
Antoinette Golden Tear
Olaf Hajek
from € 499 to € 1,149
  Kate by André Monet
André Monet
from € 899 to € 1,699
  Bouncy II by Peter Funch
Bouncy II
Peter Funch
€ 179
  Metáfora I by Sephora Venites
Metáfora I
Sephora Venites
€ 1,699
  Venice Lotus Flowers by Robert Jahns
Venice Lotus Flowers
Robert Jahns
from € 399 to € 829
  "bloom v7.1" by René Twigge
"bloom v7.1"
René Twigge
€ 149
  The Garden by Jens Hausmann
The Garden
Jens Hausmann
€ 799
  "Paar in Karnevalsstimmung" by Erich Salomon
"Paar in Karnevalsstimmung"
Erich Salomon
€ 259
  Magnolien 2 by Kris Scholz
Magnolien 2
Kris Scholz
€ 599
  Butterfly Grid yellow by Heiko Hellwig
Butterfly Grid yellow
Heiko Hellwig
€ 749
  Italian Wedding by David Burton | Trunk Archive
Italian Wedding
David Burton | Trunk Archive
€ 1,799
  Boudoir Reflection II by Pezhman
Boudoir Reflection II
  Black Beauty - Red Dress by Wolfgang Joop
Black Beauty - Red Dress
Wolfgang Joop
€ 129
  Selection - Collage Couture by Derek Gores
Selection - Collage Couture
Derek Gores
€ 249
  Dream River 04 by Isabelle Menin
Dream River 04
Isabelle Menin
from € 549 to € 1,799
  Lost Flamingos and Some Acquaintances by Pat Swain
Lost Flamingos and Some Acquaintances
Pat Swain
from € 549 to € 2,290
  Wishes by Jiwoon Pak
Jiwoon Pak
from € 549 to € 949
  crimson and scarlet II by Holger Lippmann
crimson and scarlet II
Holger Lippmann
from € 599 to € 1,999
  Cameo by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from € 549 to € 799
  Vanitas XI by Annet Van Der Voort
Vanitas XI
Annet Van Der Voort
from € 299 to € 749
  Let's Make Love by Louis Sidoli
Let's Make Love
Louis Sidoli
€ 2,290
  First Love by Yeliza
First Love
from € 549 to € 849
  High Profile by Gaetan Caputo
High Profile
Gaetan Caputo
from € 499 to € 1,599

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