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Black and White Prints

Powerful Black and White Art Prints

Sometimes less is more! There is an element of class and elegance in monochromatic, minimalist photographs. While bright colors can draw your attention in a number of directions, black and white pictures draw you deeper into the photograph itself. Get lost in black and white art photography at LUMAS: your source for museum-quality wall art by renowned talents and exhilarating newcomers!

Art for Your Wall: Black and White Pictures

The Visual Impact of Black and White Wall Art

Black and white wall decor
Will McBride: Aufbruch - eine neue Generation II

Black and white pictures have a distinct artistic character, ranging from an historical and nostalgic effect to something more subtle and interpretive. Black and white contrast pulls you into the very action, emotion, and character of that fraction of an instant. In the artwork, you experience a world beyond color. The meanings that exist within these diverse shades of gray can be vast. Since we experience the world around us in color, black and white prints offer a less realistic, less direct rendition of their subjects, actually abstracting reality.

These subtle abstractions have the power to convey even more emotion than a full-color image, as there is more intensity and depth in the monochrome contrast. This is similar to the effect that a realistic, full-color painting on canvas has – the minor deviations from the way we perceive the world can make more of an impact than ultra-realistic depictions. A beach triptych of black and white photography takes you straight back in time, a black and white portrait puts you right there next to the subject.

The Art of Emotion in Black and White Prints

At LUMAS, we understand the artistry and power that black and white pictures possess. We know that creating artwork with this powerful imagery is no small task. For this reason, we are invested in producing the best possible black and white art prints. Cheap giclee printing won’t do these images’ powerful impact justice. That’s why we ensure each black and white print is produced on industry-leading photo paper using the latest printing techniques. We achieve superior results through a partnership with the photography experts at our award-winning lab.

Black and White Art: Perfect for Any Decor

Black and white wall decor
Ed Freeman: North Shore Surfing #16

If your wall decor currently consists solely of cheap posters and you want to take it to the next level, framed black and white images are a great place to start. One of the unsung virtues of a black and white print is that it will fit in with pretty much any décor imaginable. Whether you are a minimalist with bare, white walls or a fan of ostentatious pomp and intricate wallpaper, framed black and white images or wall art are always appropriate. Try a high-contrast animal photo in your kitchen, an abstract architectural image in your bedroom, or a monochrome movie star with 3-point lighting in your living room, or a black and white triptych for your bathroom. Monochrome photos are subtle and stunning in any environment.

From Minimalist to Modern: Diverse Black and White Art

From modern minimalist art to classic film stills to surrealist pieces by Man Ray, the LUMAS curators have put together a world-class collection of black and white pictures by renowned photographers and new talent. Shop for historical moments, celebrity portraits, abstract pieces, or experimental photos. These are all available framed, and often with a traditional mat that directs all eyes to the art itself. The minimalist aesthetic of black and white photography allows the subject to speak for itself.

Monochrome and Wall-Ready: LUMAS Black and White Prints

Our superior black and white prints are also available with a made-to-measure mat and frames. Furthermore, LUMAS black and white images are produced in limited edition runs of around 75 to 150- This means our black and white photography also maintains a collectible status. These limited edition print runs make our black and white art more affordable than one-offs from conventional galleries.

This is important to us because, at LUMAS, we believe that everyone should be able to own and enjoy art. We are invested in making art available to everyone. In order to achieve this mission, art must be both affordable and accessible. For that reason, our entire portfolio of exceptional black and white photography is available in our online shop with shipping to virtually anywhere on the planet. Fans of black and white wall art can also browse our expertly curated galleries around the world.

Black and White Wall Art