Curated Monochrome Art for Sale

Explore our curators' selection of red artworks from the LUMAS portfolio. Shop our collection, and find a modern painting, a glowing magenta fine art print, a rose tinted photograph, or an original framed portrait for your walls!

 Curated monochrome artworks: Sophie by Claudio Gotsch
Claudio Gotsch
€ 1,599
 Curated monochrome artworks: Tara by Christoph Schrein
Christoph Schrein
€ 1,299
 Curated monochrome artworks: La Roche by Wilco Dragt
La Roche
Wilco Dragt
from € 699 to € 1,399
 Curated monochrome artworks: Tsunami by Andrew Bordwin
Andrew Bordwin
from € 799 to € 1,399

Monochrome Artworks

Monochromatic art is simply defined. It is art which makes use of one color, often in different hues, in the creation of the artwork.

Monochrome in art is typically associated with a black and white color scheme. Black and white art shares with monochrome art an ambition to depict the world without the distraction of many colors, or through the prism of only very particular colors.

Throughout art history, and in contemporary art, monochromatic art has also consisted of other colors. Perhaps most famously, Yves Klein's series Blue Monochrome contained a number of depictions of the color blue using different hues and textures. In his seascapes, photo artist Douglas Busch uses single colors to a more realist pictorial end, depicting crashing waves and vast, atmospheric horizons.

Monochromatic color choices are also typical of minimalist art, which is marked by a preference for strong, simple forms, a geometrical bent in representation, and one or few colors.

The Curators' Palette: Monochrome Art

In considering monochrome art for your home decor, the actual color being staged is of prime importance. "Color" monochrome like reds or blues may be better suited to a bedroom, where it can set a mood of calm or relaxation. Black and white art can be featured in practically any room of the home, and is a popular choice for the home office, where distraction is the enemy.

The LUMAS portfolio contains a wealth of signed and limited edition art prints, which contain monochromatic landscapes by artists like Tatiana Gorilovsky and Irene Kung, as well as individual studies of wildlife, seascapes, and patterns.

Explore our home art guides, and find the right artwork for your home or office!

 Curated monochrome artworks: Hyacinth Macaw by Juan Fortes
Hyacinth Macaw
Juan Fortes
from € 599 to € 1,699
 Curated monochrome artworks: Late Night Stranger, Timeless Machine by Irene Kung
Late Night Stranger, Timeless Machine
Irene Kung
from € 799 to € 1,499
 Curated monochrome artworks: Untitled I by Salar Ahmadian
Untitled I
Salar Ahmadian
€ 1,299
 Curated monochrome artworks: Hong Kong by Wenpeng Lu
Hong Kong
Wenpeng Lu
from € 1,099 to € 2,190

Abstract Monochrome Art

Monochrome art is a natural home to abstraction. The turn away from the representational in art has been led by some of the same artists who found in pure color the way towards irreality or towards new realities. Kazimir Malevich was both a pioneer of abstract art and a leading student of color theory, who, like Wassily Kandinsky, sought in color theory a turn away from traditional representation. In his famous monochrome painting Black Square, and in a host of other monochrome paintings, he pursued a project of abstraction which relied heavily on monochrome color schemes. Other artists like the Americans Ad Reinhart and Mark Rothko, and the French painter Yves Klein used monochrome painting to pursue other possibilities, like the expression of certain emotional states, the freedom of pure color, or the possibilities of minimalism in art, founded on simple color and geometry.

 Curated abstract monochrome artworks: Pulse Orange Jaune by Beatrice Hug
Pulse Orange Jaune
Beatrice Hug
€ 2,490
 Curated abstract monochrome artworks: Lion by Tom Nagy
Tom Nagy
from € 699 to € 1,149
 Curated abstract monochrome artworks: Manzanillo by Beatrice Hug
Beatrice Hug
from € 399 to € 1,999

Curated Selection of monochrome art


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