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Colorful Art for Sale: The Magic of Color

Across the Spectrum: Shop the colorful artworks on offer in the LUMAS portfolio, and find a stunning colorful print for your walls.

Learn About Color in Art

Experience the magic of color and breathe life into your décor with LUMAS photo art in every hue. Discover the perfect piece of colorful art for your home with our curators' tips and selection of colorful artworks encompassing landscapes and abstracts, and prints of photographs and paintings. We’ll show you the best ways to combine different colors and explore the ambiances these combinations create. Find and order art you love, either right here or in one of our 22 galleries around the world.

Complementary Colors: Opposites Attract

Complementary colors in these Warhol skateboards liven up the room.

When filled with colorful art in rich, complementary colors, your home will radiate with pure joie de vivre. Complementary colors are those opposite each other on the color wheel: red and green, blue and orange, etc. Together, they create powerful contrasts and augment each other’s luminosity. These color combinations are especially prevalent in Pop Art, and part of the reason the genre has such a refreshing, humorous and lively feel to it. Artist Lucia Giacani masterfully utilizes this stylistic tool in her Killing Time series. Her perfect use of complementary colors gives her photographs a provocative, vibrant, and striking aesthetic.

Analogous Colors: Harmony in Similarity

Works with softer, similar hues create a peaceful ambiance.

Art in softer shades can give any room a gratifying appeal. It creates a subtle interplay between colors, enabling people who see it to relax. Analogous color combinations are made using hues that are close to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and green or red and pink. A simplified tip: if you want to arrange multiple artworks to create an artistic gallery wall, take note of similar color temperatures; put warmer tones together, and cooler colors with each other. The desaturated look of pastel colors makes them especially harmonious.

Primary Colors: Pure and Unadulterated

Art in primary colors makes the space bright and stimulating.

Artists often define the primary colors as red, yellow, and blue; these being the colors we can mix to create all others. Red stands for passion, blue calms the soul, and yellow provides cheer. Each of these colors appears pure and simple – harness this power with wall art in primary colors. You could also try three pictures hung in a row, each featuring a different primary color. Ideally, you’ll want them to be against a neutral background so that the colors appear fresh and unrestrained, making the room stimulating and bright.

Colorful Art: A Single Color in Many Shades

Harness the power of a single color in all its nuances.

 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Aquarius II by Beatrice Hug
Aquarius II
Beatrice Hug
from € 549  to € 1,699
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Blue Girl by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Blue Girl
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from € 699  to € 1,399
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Armour / Amour by Carol Muthiga - Oyekunle
Armour / Amour
Carol Muthiga - Oyekunle
from € 699  to € 1,599
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Coloured Campbell's Soup Teal by Andy Warhol
Coloured Campbell's Soup Teal
Andy Warhol
€ 220
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Afterglow by Anton Sparx
Anton Sparx
€ 2,190
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Wave 1248 by Douglas Busch
Wave 1248
Douglas Busch
from € 499  to € 1,299
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Opernhaus Zürich by Rafael Neff
Opernhaus Zürich
Rafael Neff
from € 649  to € 6,390
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Fehmarn Gold by Josh Von Staudach
Fehmarn Gold
Josh Von Staudach
from € 799  to € 1,699

A monochrome work of art plays with different shades and nuances of one color. Found a monochrome LUMAS piece you love? Try putting splashes of a similar color near the art to create a clean, modern look. You could also try combining large-format collages and triptychs of similar hues. Décor that includes shiny, metallic accessories – gold, silver, or chrome – accents  monochrome ambiances.

Spotlight: Colorful Landscape Art

Colorful landscapes can open your home to the twin effect of colorful motifs and landscapes, introducing a powerful and upbeat accent to your wall decor. Discover our curated works and more in our collection of landscape art!

 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Sprawl by Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw
€ 1,199
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Silent Morning in the Cypress Swamp by Georg Popp
Silent Morning in the Cypress Swamp
Georg Popp
from € 1,149  to € 2,290
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Frontier by Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw
from € 799  to € 1,299
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Infrared Lake Braies I by Paolo Pettigiani
Infrared Lake Braies I
Paolo Pettigiani
from € 949  to € 1,799
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Infrared NYC VIII by Paolo Pettigiani
Infrared NYC VIII
Paolo Pettigiani
from € 1,099  to € 2,190

Spotlight: Colorful Abstract Art

The intersection of colorful motifs with the sophisticated element of abstract art sets up your home for home for a design concept that is both smart and fun. Discover our collection of colorful abstract art!.

 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Role Play by Iannis Pledel
Role Play
Iannis Pledel
from € 1,299  to € 1,999
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Architecture view by Manuel Ros
Architecture view
Manuel Ros
from € 549  to € 1,199
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: lost identity of value by Sun Young Byun
lost identity of value
Sun Young Byun
from € 599  to € 1,299
 Colorful Wall Art: Color Diversity: Windtorn Arabesque Silk Robe by Boglárka Nagy
Windtorn Arabesque Silk Robe
Boglárka Nagy
from € 699  to € 2,990

Colorful Art for Your Home

Play with different color schemes and create an atmosphere that suits your life and style. You can use color to create boundaries between your living and sleeping areas: an artwork in calming blue hues for your bedroom, a Roy Lichtenstein-style Pop Art piece for the living room. When looking for the perfect spot to hang your artwork, take note of what effect the color has in that location. Prints in shades of pink make a room feel cozier, whereas blue and green tones can make a room look bigger. Want to enliven the atmosphere of the whole room? Put a piece of furniture or home accessory of a complementary color near the art. This can create striking contrasts and powerful combinations! With our home art guides, you can find art you love and bring color into your life!

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