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Looking to turn the walls of your office or home office into gallery walls? Our guide is full of decor ideas for your work space. Explore our tips, and view our curators' selections of artworks for your office!

Eron Cone | Reminisce
Reminisce by Erin Cone @myroost - via Instagram

Office Art Guide

The home office: myth and reality
Where is your home office?
Working with space
Decorating your interiors

The home office: myth and reality

Office Art: Poolcaust by Gero Gries
Poolcaust by Gero Gries @myroost- via Instagram

Everyone wants to work from home! Or at least, they did. Compulsory home office ushers in a new set of questions about how we relax, evolve, and focus in the day-to-day

Shared working spaces can have their charms. But if it were up to you to design an office that's just for you, what would that look like?

There are a number of generative questions you can set to yourself. Here are some to start with:

Which colors help you focus? Do you need a pop of color, or something more muted

Which themes inspire, calm, or motivate you?

Is your workspace set directly against a wall?

Are you trying to make your space feel bigger - or are you trying to narrow it down?

home office art by Daniel Reiter Welle VII
Wave by Daniel Reiter @lumas_gallery

Color plays a huge role in defining your relationship with a room. A neutral color palette is a common feature of traditional office art, which, it must be said, is meant to provide decoration while also being as inoffensive - and non-distracting - as possible. Well, a home office is...your office. Neutral colors may very well be right for you, especially if you or your home are already bursting with energy in the first place, and what you need is precisely something to neutralize all that energy. But if explosive color is, for you personally, an island of calm and an inducement to focus, then by all means!

Pastels are an unfailing choice for any work environment. Their soft greens and reds are calming and electrifying all at once. Black and white photography sharpens your vision, and helps you stencil in your wallspace and your workspace.

One of the most important considerations will be the amount and type of natural light in your workspace. For a room that spends more time in the shadows, consider works with brighter backgrounds. Loui Jover's brilliant send-ups to the masters of abstraction are a reminder to keep closely in touch with what is daring and open-ended in you. But their bright earth-colored backgrounds also maintain and project light, a perfect counterpoise to rooms without much natural light.

Artworks for home offices in every room

home office art: Gemäldegallerie Rot/Blau by Reinhard Görner
Gemäldegallerie Rot/Blau by Reinhard Görner @fedesfotos – via Instagram

Not everyone has a house, or a house with a lot of space. And even if you do, you might get restless - or have to be in many places at once. Central locations like dining room tables, kitchen counters, or living room sofas can easily become our new offices.

What are the best themes for a workspace in your guest room, living room, kitchen, or dining room?


One of the most startling and unexpected options is to actually feature other interiors in your home office, especially if it's in a small space. Perfect for a dining room office are artworks by Werner Pawlok, who depicts scenes of tragic beauty. He profiles once-proud abandoned homes and buildings, which still retain an unmistakable appeal. Reinhard Görner's stately interior turn an office in any room of your home into a hidden chamber, looking onto opera houses or whisking you through the rooms of an art gallery. Lynne Collin's haunting still lifes are a strong choice for an office situated in an open dining room, connecting with a kitchen or a hallway.

home office art: House of Fefa by Werner Pawlok
House of Fefa by Werner Pawlok @lumas_budapest – via Instagram


The surreal offers an obvious path of escape. But it is also a mirror onto normal life. Sanda Anderlon's compositions present a vivid, fun, and ironic take on social life. Nancy Wood's works offer a soothing interplay of light and color. Wilder themes like Anderlon's may present a pleasant contrast to a quieter space, and be featured in a home workspace that is already in its own space, apart from the hustle and bustle of other rooms. Wood's calming compositions work well in any room.

Cities and architecture

A living room which serves as an office is an ideal place to display artworks with architectural and urban themes. Works by José Manuel Ballester take construction zones as their objects. The gemoetrical qualities of these scenes are a pleasant change-up from the most popular themes, like landscapes. But these works also have a painterly quality, at times channeling light and color from the margins to the center of the scene, at times reminiscent of still life.

For more ideas on adding artworks to your home decor, check out our guides to living room art, bedroom art, and kitchen art.

Working with space: Your own interior designer

home office art: The Return by Tatiana Gorilovsky
The Return by Tatiana Gorilovsky @ lumas_spain

In looking for art for your office space, it's important to take size, color, and theme into consideration. But it's also important to introduce decor which harmonizes with your home as it is, or as you envision it. Look around your space for patterns you may not have noticed before, or try to idenfity unexploited opportunities to introduce new colors. You may be able to get ideas for your office decor, for example, by taking a close looking at the colors or the "stories" in your workspace or adjacent spaces.

Are there two colors which don't exactly harmonize with each other? Choose an artwork which constitutes a sort of stepping stone from one color to another. Is there a disjointed atmosphere in a room that's hard to explain? Is there a window? A desk? A ledge with pots or pictures or a bowl with receipts and marbles in it? Pull the space together with a motif that tells a story.

One unfailing way to create a narrative is to display artworks on the wall which feel to you to be part of a family of shared colors, themes, or dynamics. Another is to actually narrate with works which arrive as separate pieces, as diptychs or triptychs. Explore some of our multi-piece artworks below:

Ideal artworks for your home office

Decorating Your Interiors

Lumas is the gallery for interior design, whether you're a longtime collector, a professional designer, or a decor enthusiast. In curating our collections, we consider the ability of a given work to really stand out as part of your design concept. A Lumas artwork should set the tone that you want. Modern or classic, miniature or large format, hardly noticeable or popping off the wall, an avalanche of color or modest black and white - fine art is as much about personal taste as anything else.

Most of our artworks are available framed or unframed, and are produced as limited edition art prints, developed through cutting-edge photo development techniques. Unlike cheap printed paper, or canvas prints, a Lumas Edition is durable, collectible, and high-end print produced with great attention to detail. Most works are produced in limited print runs of around 75 to 150, and arrive signed, numbered, and with mounts installed.

For more inspiration on decorating your bedroom, bathroom, or living room, check out our full guide to art for your home. And don't hesitate to be in touch! Our curators are happy to discuss your needs and exchange ideas online, and the design experts at our galleries are available to work with you to find just the right artwork for you!

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