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Discover the Human Form: Nude Art at LUMAS

If a naked body is one deprived of clothes, a nude, by contrast, is the body liberated and in its purest state. One of the most controversial, yet long-standing subjects, art nudes are much more than the male and female form – they represent the spectrum of human emotion and the transcendence of body language. Both instantly relatable and intriguingly foreign, the fine art nudes at LUMAS explore this intimate topic.

A Brief History of Nude Art

The nude is a central feature of Western art. A preoccupation of the ancient Greeks, nude art experienced a revival in the Middle Ages with the Renaissance movement. Iconic works such as Michelangelo's “David” reintroduced the male form, whereas “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli revived the female figure. Following these masterpieces, the fascination with classically themed nude art remained popular subject for artists until the end of the 19th century. Since then, contemporary art has moved toward representations free from classicism and idealization. Now the body is an open subject, often stark and revealing, nude art continues to push our notions of gender and identity.

The 20th century also saw the introduction of new media, like photography, wherein the nude has figured heavily as a subject. When it was claimed that photography couldn’t be considered fine art, the earliest monochrome art nudes mimicked high-art forms or alluded to classical representations that were popular in paintings of the same era. However, as the century progressed, experimental art nudes, often black and white photos of women, became more widespread. Fine art nudes in photography explore both the intimacy and universality of the body. At LUMAS, our photography portfolio includes iconic works by established artists as well as the cutting edge aesthetics of promising newcomers.

We believe art is for everyone. Owning a genuine, rare piece of art is an incredible experience. It is therefore our mission to share this feeling with the world. With over 3,000 works in our collection, it’s the ideal place for those looking to explore fine art nudes throughout the decades. We also offer limited edition, hand-signed works by established names and talented up-and-coming photographers. Expertly curated and ready to order. We make it easy to find the nude art you’re looking for. Simple, honest, and personal – that is what you can expect with nude art from LUMAS.

Our Unique Quality Concept

At LUMAS, our unique quality concept is what sets us apart. When you buy one of our nude art prints, you are purchasing a work of art in LUMAS quality. We work with specialists at WhiteWall to produce the best possible finished product. Our fine art nude prints are created using the most modern processes available. Not only is the finished product superior in quality, it’s also incredibly durable.

At LUMAS, our emphasis is on owning authentic artwork. We pair limited editions with the latest technologies. For our nude art photography, we use high-tech exposure systems and develop using traditional photo chemicals. Naturally, we use top of the line photo papers that are ideal for producing long-lasting, high-quality images. Your art nude photograph will retain its brilliance for generations.

Framed Fine Art Nudes at LUMAS

We work with the artists and craftsmen to find the frame that complements your piece. Every frame produced by WhiteWall is made to measure and built to last. Constructed from solid wood or matte aluminum, these frames are a visual delight. For a clean, contemporary look, we also do frameless mounting. First the image is mounted onto a lightweight aluminium composite panel (Dibond) of the exact same size, and then a UV-protective laminate or acrylic glass is applied to protect the work from damage. Bold and simple, it’s the ideal way to present your chosen nude art piece.