Flower Art Prints for Your Walls

Our collection includes stunning flower prints across a number of genres. Flowers have a special ability to illuminate interiors, bringing verve and color to your walls. Come and discover our collection of flower art prints.

Popular Flower Artworks:

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Beautiful Flowers: From Still Lifes to Abstract Art

Flowers in art have a long history. From the 16th century, flowers became a staple of representational art. Still life art took flowers as an ideal subject for representing beauty. The paradox of capturing flowers in this way was clear: there is nothing less stable than the fleeting beauty of flowers, as they wilt with the changing of seasons, atmospheres, and temperatures.

While flowers are traditionally a symbol of feminine beauty, the colors themselves also have a symbolic character. Yellow flowers, like sunflowers, represent the sun. White flowers, like orchids, are associated with both innocence and death. Blue flowers stand in for the secretive and the discreet. Red flowers, like roses, remind us of blood, though in recent times their symbolism has undergone a huge transformation, and they are nowadays mostly associated with passion and romance.

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Traditional and Contemporary Themes

Mark Seelen's work is an interpretation of classic themes. At a first glance his compositions seem to be identical to the Flemish masters of the 17th century - but look a little closer. A lamp cable, a cell phone, or plastic packaging reveal themselves, blended seamlessly into the picture. In this way Seelen creates floral prints which are a meeting point of the classical and the modern everyday.

Annet van der Voort's work portrays wilting tulips. Her pictures refer to the traditional motif of Vanitas, the folly of humans who forget about the reality of death, and mistake themselves as immortal. In order to emphasize the contrast between the quick and the dead, her mementos mori include insects and small animals among the tulips.

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The Diversity of Flower Art

Contemporary artists portray flowers with more familiar painting techniques, but they also do so with modern methods, like digital photography. Experimental photo artists produce floral prints which astonish and inspire the viewer. The combination of traditional subject matter, contemporary concerns, and innovative techniques give each of these works a unique character.

The photo artist René Twigge captures blooming lilies, tulips, and daisies, which she then edits digitally. The results are vibrant flower artworks, which, set against dark backgrounds, constitute dynamic works of art.

In her hugely popular compositions, Isabelle Menin also creates her flowers with digital editing methods. She makes copies of roses, tulips and orchids, arranging them in explosive digital bouquets.

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Floral Art: The Right Print for Every Wall

With LUMAS, you'll find the right piece of art for every room. Flower artworks have a special place as a part of your living room art arrangements, presenting a unique interpretation of real flowers which might otherwise be found there. Our viewing rooms contain tips on how to use color and space to your advantage. Are your walls currently big blank spaces? Large art prints are the perfect way to turn your wall into a window onto new worlds. Our page on colorful art contains a wealth of information and practical tips on how to use flowers as part your decor.

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Bestselling Floral Art Prints:

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