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Oliver Jahn, Editor in Chief, Architectural Digest Germany

Expertly curated, stunningly produced, affordable art editions.

Oliver Jahn, Editor in Chief, Architectural Digest Germany

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Fine Art from LUMAS

The expertly curated LUMAS portfolio of art is wall-to-wall with stunning pieces, perfectly suited to your home, office space, or décor project. We are able to offer you this beautiful, diverse collection thanks to our experienced and professional Portfolio Management Experts. They scour the international art market for exhilarating art and keep up with the latest trends by visiting exhibitions and festivals the world over. Then they bring back their art recommendations to the LUMAS HQ. There, we make the works of established and up-and-coming artists available for you to buy. And the best part: all of our framed art is premium quality, exclusive, and affordable.

Art to Stop People in their Tracks

From contemplative black and white photography to mood-lifting colorful wall art, there’s a whole world of majestic art for sale on the LUMAS website, or in any one of our galleries, which you can find in major cities around the world.

yYou will find that all of our unique portfolio of art has the ability to transform a room—to catch an eye and set a mood—exactly the way you desire. Turn your living room into a haven of escapism, set a tranquil accent in your bathroom, or add an extra motivation boost to your office. Whatever your reason for buying LUMAS art, rest assured that all the art for sale at LUMAS has the power to complement a physical space and inspire the mind and soul. If you’re looking to spruce up your decor, go beyond simple pillows or rugs; think of your walls as a blank canvas. Our artists' creations offer an extensive palette that lets you fully express your creativity!

Limited Edition, Museum-Quality Art

All of our evocative prints are custom-made via an intricate process that painstakingly captures the tones, colors, and points of emphasis that the artist had in mind when making the original. That’s because rather than following our industry peers and using four or six inks in the printing stage, we prefer to create real photographic prints, along with practicing other industry-leading print techniques. This allows us to produce art of superior quality, which goes beyond the norm. This means that any wall art you buy from our portfolio will look and feel almost exactly like the original, whether it was a drawing done by hand or digitally, a photograph, or a painting.

We also offer art prints hand-signed by the artist. These are our Limited Editions, and print runs range from 75 to 150. This means that they are collectible artworks. Unlike other collectible art, however our prints are affordably priced. It is one of our fundamental beliefs that art belongs to everyone, which is exactly why we’ve developed a formula for making fine available for all art enthusiasts at fair prices.

Explore photography and art prints across a wide range of artistic genres. The diversity of our collection ensures that you will find a work of art perfectly suited to any style preference, interior décor, or personal taste. Check out some of our favorite collections, including:

Our collection of fine art prints has something for everyone. Find that artwork that perfectly complements your bedroom wall color, office furniture, or bathroom décor! Our extensive portfolio of art includes 3,000+ pieces by hundreds of artists. This includes established names in the industry as well as rising stars. We also offer exclusive classic and contemporary artworks from selected archives. We invite you to browse our online art gallery to find the perfect piece of wall art for you and your decor. Alternatively, pay us a personal visit and explore our collection in an official LUMAS gallery.

There are many official LUMAS galleries in major cities around the world. The interior of each gallery is curated by the members of staff there — meaning that each LUMAS gallery is representative of not only the city in which it resides, but also the experts working there. Find your nearest LUMAS gallery today and see the collection of fantastic and unique wall art.