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Stephen Wayda

A behind-the-scenes through the lens: The renowned photographer does not only create intimate star portraits – he also connects model and viewer in a fascinating manner. Inspired by classic contact sheets, mesmerizing images are produced that are both authentic and beguiling to show the person behind the world-famous face.

Ania Luk

The fascinatingly complex paintings of the Polish artists generate an extraordinary tension through the artful combination of two different elements: female bodies full of emotion and geometric shapes and surfaces. Her newest creations are modern reflections on natural beauty which is celebrated right up to the coloration of her pieces.


Guachinarte’s latest aesthetic creations complement the delicate ambiances he has created – with state-of-the-art technology and his sense of fine architecture – with pastel pool scenes bathed in the color of the Californian evening sky. A gentle time-out that provides clarity and new perspectives through glorious views.

James Crombie

After witnessing one of nature's great wonders, the annual starling swarm flying over the lakes of Ireland, the photographer set out into capturing the breathtaking natural event in a way that would captivate the sublimity of the moment. With total dedication, he succeeded in capturing a swarm of starlings in the form of a bird and created moving stills of a dynamic scene.

Diana Sosnowska

In her cinematically staged self-portraits, the Polish-Italian artist plays with intimacy and distance, capturing an intimate moment from the perspective of an invisible observer. Infused with soft light and nostalgic colors, her photographs are surrounded by an aura of mystery: each glance seems like the last before the tension becomes unbearable.

Isabelle Menin

Isabelle Menin’s kaleidoscopic creations continue to captivate the art world. The beloved Belgian artist’s latest works are playing with texture and materiality in the most sensual way, and are unmatched in terms of luminosity. She creates breathtaking seas of flowers in the most extraordinary way, flooding the room with beauty and grace.

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