Curated Green Art for Sale

Explore our curators' selection of contemporary green artworks from the LUMAS portfolio. Shop our collection, and discover all the original green art offered in our portfolio. Abstract or minimalist - landscape painting or industrial photograph - our collection has green artworks with the power to improve your decor!

Green Artworks

According to the experts, green is soothing and refreshing. Consistent with its cultural status, in which ecological protection is crossed with personal wellness, green is experienced as complete, healthy, a marker of biological holism.

Green has a natural verisimilitude. Because of its status as the most immediately recognizable color of nature, it can convey to any motif a kind of veridical credibility - appearing as truth itself. In fine art, it thus has the strange value of either resisting abstraction, or lending to abstract motifs an effect which grounds them in the familiar truths of natural experience.

Kwangho Lee's paintings of cacti have a fun and inspirational subject matter - and a neutral use of green. The exotic hybridized plants by the art duo Rive Roshan use similar tones of green in an almost opposite way. Their floral artworks bring forth unusual, fictive creations. Here green licenses familiarity and natural authenticity, all while maintaining a slightly darker aspect.

The Curators' Palette: Green Art

The most familiar uses of green in art is in nature art and landscape art. Works by LUMAS artists capture deep green jungles, wide open plains, and grass-covered landscapes in all settings. Gerhard Mantz's paintings evoke Monet's lilies, but also maintain elements of the surreal and the magical in their somewhat unreal illustration of nature, which he fictionalizes out of real landscapes on the island of Tenerife.

Green is also used to evoke certain moods asides from holism and life. The darker aspect of green - which historically has maintained a hidden meaning, standing in as much for natural decay as for regeneration - is well captured by the photographer Thanassis Krikis. The coolness of modern life, of seen and being seen, of the use of alienating technology in daily life, is present in the recreation by the portrait artist Anna Halm Schudel of the famous Art Deco artwork by the Polish artist Tamara de Lempicka, featuring a woman in a car.

Abstract Green Artworks

As part of an abstract painting or photograph, green can import strong effects to a home design plan or personal art collection. A bamboo landscape painting by Bui Huu Hung can set a wall on its way to both calm and refinement, reminiscent of East Asian landscape. A neon green abstract art print by Miles Aldridge can leverage green to its most playful effect, in a pop-art inspired neon. A piece of minimalist art featuring tones of blue displaces green into an isolated, showcase environment.

Curated Selection of Green Art

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