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Sonja L.

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The works by Sonja Leppänen tell stories of glamour, fashion, and an effervescent lust for life. Her arrangements are intimate, yet surprising. Her artworks leave the viewer asking, where did the woman with the blue-painted fingernails get that ravenous craving? Who is worshipping Elvis Presley and the Virgin Mary at the illuminating disco-altar? The artist awakens our curiosity and cleverly plays with clichés and retro aesthetics.

The works are reminiscent of 50s and 60s advertising that staged domestic idylls as the fulfilled life. The well-groomed housewife paints her nails, bakes cakes, and takes after the organization of her domestic kingdom. But in the works on Sonja Leppänen this idyll gets distorted. The cake is eaten before the guests arrive. And the batter was mixed with Pimenton de la Vera Spanish pepper. The strong, vibrant colors create something surreal within her artworks, while also enhancing their idyllic elements.

The Finnish artist has been inspired by many things: pop art, fashion photography, cinema, advertising, music videos, retro aesthetics, light and joyful Italo disco. They provide her with ideas and serve as stylistic enrichment to share stories. The strong colors and abundant details are the result of long preparations and careful staging by Leppänen. She does everything with the utmost intention to enchant and delight her audience.