Multi Piece Wall Art

Shop our curators' selection of multi piece artworks. Find a stunning framed print set for your home decor, or opt for a set of multi panel photography by our contemporary photo artists.

Two Piece Artworks

Two piece artworks allow for a simple splitting of an artistic motif.

Three Piece Artworks

Three piece artworks are a stylish option for decorating your walls with art.

Looking for more design inspiration?

The polyptych has a great and storied history, used for centuries as icon, alterpiece, and a canvas for visual narrative. Contemporary multi piece artworks are created and hung with modern techniques that allow pieces to achieve exciting effects on the walls of a home or office.

Multi piece artworks allow you to take a creative approach to a wall art concept. Explore our suggestions on using multi-panel artworks to change the atmosphere of a room, or arrange the panels to create a narrative on your walls!

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