Triptych Art for Your Walls

Triptych art is an artistic technique where three thematically linked images by the same artist are arranged together. A triptych artwork consists of three separate parts that reflect a certain theme, tell a story, or otherwise combine to present a cohesive artwork.

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History of Triptych Art

Triptych works have a long and varied history in the art world. Today, artists from a wide range of genres and styles continue to create innovative new variations. From Hiernoymous Bosch to Francis Bacon, triptychs count among some of the most famous works in art history. Their several panels allow for more elaborate stories.

The relationship between the separate images is also different from work to work. In the classical religious triptychs of the Middle Ages, the separate works, arranged in sequence, would usually depict a biblical tale.

Triptych Art in Your Home Decor

The photo artist Thomas Florschuetz unfolds a sequence of still images. His motion photography has the quality of film stills.

Motion as the outstanding theme of triptychs is also shared by Michael Michlmayr. In his aerial photography, Michlmayr captures the blur of the urban landscape.

Contemporary Triptych Art

Today, there is no strict definition of what triptychs contain, merely that they consist of three elements. Contemporary artist Holger Lippmann, for example, takes a single photograph, then splits it into three pieces to create a contemporary triptych.

This concept has extended to photography, digital art and even sculpture. stunning example is found in skateboard art. Here, original designs by world-famous artists like Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat are displayed on three skateboard decks.

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