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Decorating children’s rooms with art

Unicorns, jungles, wild animals or favorite toys - children often have their own unique art ideas and preferences when it comes to decorating their rooms. Art can help them to express their personalities and stimulate their imagination. Whether you’re looking for baby room decor, art for a small child's room or playroom or even home decor for older children and teenagers - find the right high-quality wall art print at LUMAS.

Kid's Room Art:

The right motif choice for every child's room
Various areas in the children's room
Coordinating furnishing and decoration
Art for girls' and boys' rooms
Choosing artworks for your kid's room

The right motif choice for every child's room

The perfect kids room art depends on a combination of factors, and the choice of wall art for kids rooms is as diverse as the children themselves. Your child's age can be a factor when deciding on their room decor - babies perceive their environment differently than toddlers, and teenagers are unlikely to want childish themes in their rooms. Finding a fitting piece of kids’ wall art for every age can be tricky - but we're here to help.

Let the young collectors lead the way themselves by letting them choose a theme that sparks their imagination. What are your children’s favorite animals? What are their hobbies or interests? Portraits of superheroes, or Lego or Playmobil figures create a positive and playful atmosphere, reminiscent of Pop Art. Classic and light-hearted animal portraits will appeal to almost everyone.

Children's room pictures
Clark Kent Graffiti (l.) and Bruce Wayne Graffiti (r.) by Daniel Picard
Children's room pictures
Coloured Campbell's Soup Red by Andy Warhol and Heroes by Marek Haiduk

Various areas in the children's room

A child's room fulfills several purposes at the same time: a place to retreat to, sleep, play, study, or enjoy art activities.

If the room has natural partitions, emphasize these areas, and adapt them to the needs of your child. Create a special atmosphere with bold color accents, wall decals and high-quality photographic art. This will ensure a children's room that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Bright and playful animal prints fit into every play area. Angela Rossi's humorous animal portraits will make even big kids smile.

Coordinating furnishing and decoration

Many children already have a well-defined sense of taste and want to decide for themselves which furniture and decor to surround themselves with. What best describes the furniture in the room? Scandinavian and modern minimalist? Or a mix of vintage styles? Display wall art that suits your furniture.

Children's rooms can be quickly and easily improved by adding a splash of colored paint or wallpaper. Colorful art in the play corner can be stimulating, while muted tones can help children to relax and fall asleep. In a nursery, for example, consider cloud and pastel-colored art to create a soothing environment for you and your baby.

For budding artists and fine art collectors, be sure to leave enough free space on the walls to display their own self-painted and handmade works of art. Combine these with LUMAS high-quality art prints for an exciting aesthetic interplay.

Children's room pictures
Cervus Bos Bovinae Paradisus by André Sanchez
Children's room pictures
Wonderwoman and Superman by Pierre Adrien-Sollier (l.) and The Troopers by David Eger

Art for girls' and boys' rooms

Consider your child’s own budding taste in art. Popular themes for kids include animals, outer space and comic book art. Don’t feel the need to limit yourself to the usual playroom color schemes like pink for a girl’s room or blue for a boy’s room – other color schemes may prove more popular over time than others. For a girl or a boy’s room, consider neutral tones, such as beige. Pastel shades like mint green may prove to have more staying power as you child grows and their tastes change. Sticking to just one bold color, such as blue art or red art in a boy's room, however, can quickly become passé. When it comes to girls' and boys' rooms, keep in mind the different areas within: a corner for playing, a space for sleeping, and one for homework and study. When choosing the right artwork to complement the décor, consider going for a real standout piece. Highly stylized or abstract works which suit your bedroom or bathroom may not work as well in a kid's room! Vibrant and adventurous themes like outer space art, however, are a sure bet.

Choosing Art for Your Kids Room

Hanging and arranging art in the kid's room

It’s a good idea to create a well-thought-out wall art scheme for the room. Creating a wall art display doesn’t need to require rigorous planning. The salon-style hanging, for example, is a relaxed, spontaneous arrangement that suits any room. If your wall art already shares a theme, color scheme or framing style, why not introduce an element of ordered chaos. Combine artworks together into a multi-piece arrangement on the same wall or combine your child’s own drawings and art with works from our collection. Hanging the artworks themselves is quick and easy, thanks to the built-in mounting rail on every LUMAS edition.

Looking to inspire the next generation of artists? Give the gift of art! Our collection of gifts for young art fans is a specially-curated list of art gifts for budding young collectors and creatives.

Choosing an Acrylic Print

All LUMAS prints are mounted under high-quality acrylic glass. This acrylic glass mounting has multiple benefits - as well as improving the visibility of light, color and detail in the artworks itself, it provides a protective layer that is extremely durable, resistant to grime, paint, and water and can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth. A superior alternative to a canvas print, acrylic glass prints provide not just a higher-quality image, but will also weather whatever slings and arrows your children may throw at them.

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