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A behind-the-scenes through the lens: The photographer creates more than intimate star portraits; he also creates the impression of candid dialogues between model and viewer.
In his photographs, Stephen Wayda captures not only the essence of personalities, including Hollywood icons such as multiple Oscar winner Jack Nicholson or Denzel Washington and international top models such as Linda Evangelista or Claudia Schiffer, but also emotions and atmospheres. Wayda's path and work is marked by passion and his genuine connection with people, which already became apparent at the starting point of his extraordinary career: It began with the decision to change his plan to join the Navy and devote himself to photography instead after inheriting his deceased grandfather’s camera.
Wayda became internationally famous for his photographs for the Playboy Magazine. In addition to features in top-rated fashion, sports and lifestyle magazines, Wayda made a name for himself as a photographer with an eye for icons: Based on contact sheets, his tableaus offer a glimpse into the process of portrait photography, the spirited interplay between photographer and model. The authentic, decelerating character of analogue photography is emphasized through the visual element of the cigar running through the powerful portraits. The experienced photographer knows the essence of black-and-white photography: He skillfully uses its power to abstract motifs in a minimalist way to intensify the visual statements – leading to masterpieces which show the person behind the famous face, enabling the viewer to read between international headlines and catch a gracefully private glimpse.