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In Western culture, household pets are frequently given human characteristics. We see them as individuals with their own unique personalities, like friends or family members. In his series Pony Pin Ups, Australian photographer Julian Wolkenstein shines a playful, satirical light on this phenomenon. These extraordinary portraits are both amazing and amusing.

Wolkenstein is drawn to distinctive, almost absurd subjects. From fake beards made out of textiles to a humanoid robot to perfectly symmetrical human faces created with an app designed for exactly that purpose, the photographer’s imagination appears to know no bounds. His horse portraits were the result of a spontaneous strike of inspiration, but taking them required considerable effort. Animals, as we know, have minds of their own. With the help of a stylist and a team of technical personnel, he succeeded in capturing these animals’ remarkable hairstyles. They spent hours laboriously styling the animals’ manes – and the results speak for themselves.

With the subjects presented in classical portraits, head-on or in three quarter view, the images are reminiscent of the paintings of the old masters. The muted colour background accentuates their impact. What emerges are surreal, comedic compositions with humorous subject matter that contrasts with the traditional, serious settings. These noble horses do, after all, have personality and style!

Daniela Kummle
1972Born in Sydney, Australia
1992-1996Studied Photography at the Sydney Institute of Technology, Sydney, Australia
2014-PresentMasters Studies at UNSW Art & Design, Paddington NSW, Australia
Lives and works in Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibitions

2014Beams Festival, Sydney, Australia
2013Auto Portrait, Gallery Ecosse, Exeter, NSW, Australia
Head On Momento Photobook Exhibition, State Library of NSW, Sydney, Australia
Laugh Out Loud, LaTrobe Regional Gallery, Victoria, Australia
2012The Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, Sydney, Australia
The Kodak Salon Prize, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia
1 : 2 : 1 and Other Inquiries Into Identity, Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Toronto, Canada
2011Changing Lanes Photographic Exhibition, Laneways Festival, Sydney, Australia
2010Association of Photographers Annual Exhibition, The AOP Gallery, London, UK
MTV Exit Foundation Exhibition, Mills Gallery, Sydney, Australia