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Dean West

Background Information about Dean West


Dean West’s artworks exude an extraordinary aesthetic. Using intense colors and intricate details he reveals his motif to the viewer in a new light, creating a special visual experience. His work entitled San Pete Beach II depicts a bright, enchanting landscape full of warmth and zest for life. Too beautiful and harmonious to be true, yet still within the grasps of reality. West uses color saturation to exaggerate his motifs and make the beauty of the landscape shine through even more than reality allows, leaving the viewer to drift away into their own imaginations. Capturing an image this way requires a lot of hard work and precision, and Dean West never leaves anything to chance with his creations. His use of color distinguishes him as a photographic artist and has rendered him a true master of Staged Photography.
West’s artworks are known to reflect the cinema, but his strongest influence is certainly the stylistic compositions of modern classic paintings, like David Hockney and Edward Hopper. His color schemes create a seductive atmosphere that gives a magical element to reality. This technique draws out the emotions and memory of a place. He intensifies the visual language and creates clear structures to deepen the viewer's experience and carry it into the world of fantasy.

About the artist

Dean West is one of the most talented artists of his generation and is highly respected for his work in digital visual art. He has received many awards and has exhibited in some of the most renowned museums in the world. His collaborations include well-known global brands like MTV, Disney and Bombay Sapphire.


2017 Лучшее из West, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, Sankt Petersburg, Russia
2016 2015 - 2020, Alison Milne Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2015 In Pieces, Puls 5 Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
2014 In Pieces, Discovery Centre Times Square, New York, NY, USA
2013 In Pieces, Open house Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2012 In Pieces, The Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH, USA
2010 Fabricate, One800 Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2019 Phytology Photography, Alison Milne Gallery, Toronto, Kanada
2018 SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami, FL USA
2017 Art Market Hamptons, New York, NY USA
2016 Art Southampton, Southampton, NY USA
2015 SCOPE New York, New York, NY USA
2014 Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, TX USA
2013 Staging & Revelation, Galeria de Arte AFK, Lisbon, Portugal
2012 Worldwide Biennial WGPA, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 Flash Forward Magenta Foundation, The Distillery, Toronto, Kanada
2010 Arte Laguna Prize, Le Tese di san Cristoforo, Venice, Italy