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Cut-Out Wall Art

Discover a contemporary twist on cut-outs at LUMAS – your gallery for museum-quality wall art. These cut-outs break free from the boundaries of traditional, rectangular pictures. With their extraordinary shapes, these pieces command attention and are a great new way to augment your décor!

New York is the city that never sleeps, yet somehow always keeps us dreaming. This urban myth is taken by Andrés Leroi and transformed into a fascinating interplay of movement, light, and forms in his elegant Cut-Out. He captures the essence of the unique cosmopolitan city and its dynamic diversity at the same time, giving the dream that is New York a concrete form.

Heiko Hellwig’s two butterfly Cut-Outs bring the splendor of nature within reach in a way we’ve never seen before. Their elegant acrylic glass finishing and delicate prismatic beauty are completely captivating. These new additions to his repertoire are typical of the artist, yet at the same time novelties. They strikingly combine natural beauty and innovative art concepts.

Christian Lacroix

Blossoming beauty meets elegant textiles in the works by star designer, Christian Lacroix. The artist is inspired by French Revolution era fashion and he uses different elements of fashion history and style within his works, proving that nature and fashion are always in a constant state of renewal.

  Frivolitès III by Christian Lacroix
Frivolitès III
Christian Lacroix
from € 239 to € 1,099
  Frivolitès I by Christian Lacroix
Frivolitès I
Christian Lacroix
from € 239 to € 1,099
  Frivolitès II by Christian Lacroix
Frivolitès II
Christian Lacroix
from € 239 to € 1,099
  Papillon II by Christian Lacroix
Papillon II
Christian Lacroix
from € 239 to € 1,099

You might get lost in a dream when looking at Ivo von Renner’s Double Polaroids. Their soft contrasts and harmonious compositions are simply bewitching. The cut-out arrangement brings out the best in the analog photographs and creates a special ambience in every room.

In his luminously vivid collages, British artist Vincent Poole combines elements of Pop Art, fashion, and advertising. With the cut-out technique, his life-sized silhouettes – including a fashionable diva and relaxed scenester – bring the life and energy of the bustling city right into your home.

Joe McDermott’s illustrative technique and the cut-out medium are a match made in heaven. With an unmistakable retro-comic style, his Pop Art cut-outs stay true to the spirit of his predecessors while keeping a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist.

Luminous lilies, tulips, and dahlias float before a black background, set free from all space and time. René Twigge reconstructs flowers in an individual way, layering shapes and colors. The round cut-out shape gives her work dramatic radiance.

With her cut-outs, Ursula Cyriax makes words and images inseparable. The Berlin-based artist fills conceptual words like “Change” and “Dream” with the Los Angeles skyline. She whisks us away to the West Coast, where the idea of progress continues to shape the future.

The History of the Cut-Out Technique

LUMAS Cut-Outs are contemporary and experimental but also firmly anchored in Art History. They represent a leap forward from Henri Matisse’s (1869-1954) cut paper works. In his late creative phase, Matisse made masterpieces using scissors and paper, making him ahead of his time. The artists in our collection bring this tradition into the 21st century, literally giving new shape to expressive wall art.

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