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Antonio Rojas

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Combining clouds, water, and waves with abstract geometric shapes, Antonio Rojas brings seemingly disparate elements together. And with great success! The Spanish artist creates extraordinary optical illusions that present new visual experiences. The foreground and background are intricately intertwined, and the boundaries between surface and space are blurred.

Like his role model René Magritte, Rojas presents the sky with clearly defined contours. It becomes a blank canvas that Rojas seeks to repurpose. While Magritte worked figuratively, Rojas designs geometric shapes and, aesthetically speaking, moves in the direction of abstraction.

The artist’s work is also defined by his manipulation of perspective and our spatial perceptions. Of all mediums, photography is expected to provide an authentic reflection of reality, but Rojas breaks our expectations. The way they are arranged, the triangles and trapezoids seem to become their very own spatial structures. Or rather, our brain interprets them as such. In the end, Antonio Rojas makes us look inward at the mechanisms of human vision.

Daniela Kummle


Spanish painter and photographer Antonio Rojas was born in 1962 in Andalucía. Since the early 1980s, his work has appeared in numerous galleries and museums across Spain. He is strongly influenced by magical realism and surrealism.