With an artwork from LUMAS you can make a real Home Office out of your work room. Give your workspace a personal and inspiring touch. Wondering what it will look like?

We’re happy to offer you a visual preview and help you in the selection process. Simply send us a photo of your walls at and we will visualize it for you, free of charge and no purchase necessary.

Inspiration for the Home Office

  Central Park Penguins by Robert Jahns
Central Park Penguins
Robert Jahns
from € 669 to € 1,259
  Only In Your Heart by Isabelle Menin
Only In Your Heart
Isabelle Menin
from € 849 to € 4,590
  After Work I by Sebastian Magnani
After Work I
Sebastian Magnani
€ 1,999
  Coffee and News by Sebastian Magnani
Coffee and News
Sebastian Magnani
from € 1,399 to € 1,999
  The Lady of the Ibis by Daria Petrilli
The Lady of the Ibis
Daria Petrilli
from € 499 to € 1,199
  NYC Penguins by Robert Jahns
NYC Penguins
Robert Jahns
€ 199
  Isabelle´s View by Luc Dratwa
Isabelle´s View
Luc Dratwa
from € 449 to € 4,990
  Taking-Off, 21:45 by Luc Dratwa
Taking-Off, 21:45
Luc Dratwa
from € 499 to € 1,499
  After Work I by Sebastian Magnani
After Work I
Sebastian Magnani
€ 159
  NYC Penguins - Part II by Robert Jahns
NYC Penguins - Part II
Robert Jahns
from € 469 to € 999
  Saint Tropez Boats by Tommy Clarke
Saint Tropez Boats
Tommy Clarke
from € 949 to € 1,799
  After Work II by Sebastian Magnani
After Work II
Sebastian Magnani
€ 1,999
  Lazarus LVIII by Gavin Evans
Lazarus LVIII
Gavin Evans
from € 1,299 to € 2,790
  Dream River 06 by Isabelle Menin
Dream River 06
Isabelle Menin
from € 649 to € 2,790
  Life goes on by Ysabel Lemay
Life goes on
Ysabel Lemay
€ 5,790
  Lazarus LV by Gavin Evans
Lazarus LV
Gavin Evans
from € 1,499 to € 2,990
  39° 33' 49.5'' N 2° 38' 29.5'' E by Wolfgang Uhlig
39° 33' 49.5'' N 2° 38' 29.5'' E
Wolfgang Uhlig
€ 3,690
  Up To The Sky by Isabelle Menin
Up To The Sky
Isabelle Menin
from € 1,149 to € 3,390
  Life goes on II by Ysabel Lemay
Life goes on II
Ysabel Lemay
from € 549 to € 5,290
  St. Pete Beach II by Dean West
St. Pete Beach II
Dean West
from € 749 to € 2,490
  Albula (Heimat) by Claudio Gotsch
Albula (Heimat)
Claudio Gotsch
from € 999 to € 2,290
  Hamburg, Speicherstadt II by Horst & Daniel Zielske
Hamburg, Speicherstadt II
Horst & Daniel Zielske
€ 3,690
  SALT II by Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
from € 649 to € 1,999
  Man in Space by Paul Van Hoeydonck
Man in Space
Paul Van Hoeydonck
  Swim Girls at Molitor by Soo Burnell
Swim Girls at Molitor
Soo Burnell
€ 999
  Threshold by Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw
from € 899 to € 1,399
  Pulse Orange Jaune by Beatrice Hug
Pulse Orange Jaune
Beatrice Hug
€ 2,190
  Body Surf by Tommy Clarke
Body Surf
Tommy Clarke
€ 1,699
  Pink Palace by Massimo Colonna
Pink Palace
Massimo Colonna
from € 749 to € 2,590
  The variety of life by Horst & Daniel Zielske
The variety of life
Horst & Daniel Zielske
from € 1,599 to € 2,390
  Serene Garden by Massimo Colonna
Serene Garden
Massimo Colonna
from € 749 to € 2,590
  LOVE IN BLOOM - VASE by Marcantonio


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