Heike Dander | Chief Curator

Heike Dander, Chief Curator

Working from home can be a challenge. It requires us to generate the creativity that we need entirely from within. What artists get their inspiration from often remains a mystery, but it is no secret that art inspires us every day. Whether through color play or conceptual art, collage or photography, art can turn the workplace into a creative oasis where you can enjoy working.

Kuratorenempfehlung: Heike Dander

Andrea Engelhardt | Portfolio Manager

Andrea Engelhardt, Portfolio Manager

In my home office I want to feel the power of nature. That’s why I decorated my workspace like a small garden filled with beautiful motifs from nature. This mini jungle creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere, which is particularly helpful on hectic workdays. At the same time, it has an energizing effect that inspires me and enhances my ability to concentrate.

Kuratorenempfehlung: Andrea Engelhardt


Christoph Bamberg, Senior Portfolio Manager

Sometimes the world seems to stand still. Journeys and affairs are cancelled. But there is always work in the artist’s studio, where new ideas and concepts are developed and transformed into compelling works of art. A spark is ignited when viewing these works. The artist’s creative energy stimulates the viewer and encourages them to create and be productive themselves.

Kuratorenempfehlung: Christoph Bamberg

  Bergwellen V by Daniel Reiter
Bergwellen V
Daniel Reiter
from € 899 to € 1,699
  Sea #13 by Wolfgang Uhlig
Sea #13
Wolfgang Uhlig
from € 1,499 to € 2,490
  Spiritual Utopia III by Rui Camilo
Spiritual Utopia III
Rui Camilo
from € 799 to € 2,490
  Sul Lago by Sven Fennema
Sul Lago
Sven Fennema
€ 98
  The Return by Tatiana Gorilovsky
The Return
Tatiana Gorilovsky
from € 449 to € 1,149
  Pine Forest II by Nathaniel Merz
Pine Forest II
Nathaniel Merz
from € 799 to € 1,699
  Orange Umbrellas by Tommy Clarke
Orange Umbrellas
Tommy Clarke
€ 299
  Threshold by Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw
from € 799 to € 1,299
  On the river by Vladimir Proshin
On the river
Vladimir Proshin
from € 1,099 to € 1,499
  NYC Sunset Gold by Armand Dijcks
NYC Sunset Gold
Armand Dijcks
€ 1,999
  Glow by Ray Collins
Ray Collins
€ 299

Antonio de Campos | Senior Curator

Antonio de Campos, Senior Curator

The works of art that I have selected for my home office make the space feel incredibly large. They provide a wide view which opens the space. They turn the two-dimensional into three-dimensional. They transform a room into Paris and New York. I’ve complemented them with black and white photos and sculptures that give my home office a special charm.

Kuratorenempfehlung: Antonio de Campos

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