Gift Ideas for Her

  Antoinette Tropical by Olaf Hajek
from € 499
  Red Couture Valentino dress with evening bag by Eduard Erlikh
from € 119
  How Gentle are the Waves by Françoise Gaujour
from € 179
  Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) by Blake Edwards
from € 269
  Selection - In the Round. Trees by Pep Ventosa
from € 298
  House of Plants by Coffee Table Book Selection
from € 35
  Butterfly Grid blue by Heiko Hellwig
from € 949
  L'Embarquement pour Cythère Nº 11 by Isabelle Menin
from € 98
  Cate by André Monet
from € 1,199
  Hope by Anton Sparx
from € 949
  Sprawl by Kate Shaw
from € 899
  Lost Flamingos and Some Acquaintances by Pat Swain
from € 449
  Wishes by Jiwoon Pak
from € 549
  Chanel Paris by Bart Van Leeuwen
from € 399
  Purple Trees by Christiane Steinicke
from € 359
  Her Story by Joe Mcdermott
from € 899
  Let's Make Up by Cindy Press
from € 449
  Lana by Billy & Hells
from € 599
  PALM SPRINGS CITY HALL (Albert Frey) by Stephanie Kloss
from € 449
  "bloom v7.6" by René Twigge
from € 549
  Hair Time by Pol Kurucz
from € 799
  The Spirit of Tango III, Buenos Aires by Christopher Pillitz
from € 149
  Jaime Rishar IV by Michel Comte
from € 549
  CASUAL LUXURY by Sanda Anderlon
from € 699
  Boudoir Reflection II by Pezhman
from € 3,450
  Der Blick by Edward B. Gordon
from € 179
  Arpoador Beach by Rogério Reis
from € 999
  Let's Make Love by Louis Sidoli
from € 2,290
  Blossom I by Christiane Zschommler
from € 2,990
  Buena Vista by Olaf Hajek
from € 1,499
  Le Violon d'Ingres, 1924 by Man Ray
from € 98
  Pink Panther Grid by Nick Veasey
from € 699
  Killing Time III by Lucia Giacani | Trunk Archive
from € 749
  Sorrento 1992, Irah - Light by Bart Van Leeuwen
from € 499
  Preparation by Hajime Yoshida
from € 549

For Holiday gifts, birthday presents, or Valentine’s Day surprises, luxury gifts for women can be a challenge. Surprise your partner, mother, or daughter with a stunning work of art from LUMAS! Forget about stereotypical gifts like beauty products and handbags, and opt for a present in a league of its own. These works of art are sure to bring joy to the women in your life!

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