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The New World

The young creative duo Geebird & Bamby presents us with nothing less than “The New World”; a series of freely designed buildings composed from selected elements of the art, photography, architecture, film, and design of the 20th Century. The list of their visual inspirations includes names as influential as Julius Shulman, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Shore, Wim Wenders, and Ed Ruscha. The visual impressions that pour into their works were collected on journey across California, Nevada, and Florida.

Through a lively crossover of artistic disciplines, the artists pursue an intensive dialogue with modernity, both in form and design. The buildings appear as if they came from a parallel world. And yet, with their timeless elegance, they somehow seem familiar to us. This mixture of amazement and recognition, of wonder and reflection, produces a remarkable effect.

Fantasy penetrates the images and changes our view of the past and the present into a spectacular dream for the future. It is part of the artistic concept of Geebird & Bamby to leave the functions of the buildings deliberately vague and ambiguous. A cinema named “Fox“ is showing a film with the thought-provoking title “The Man Who Lived Forever”, a building resembling a supermarket has the rather appropriate logo “The Good Life”, and there is also building for “The Modern Gentleman”. We are pulled into a thrilling game of allusion, recognition, and idealisation. As we look upon these utopian buildings we long for their existence.

Stephan Reisner
Robert G. Achtel
1980born in Wiesbaden, Germany
2003-2007studied Multimedia Arts (BA) SAE in Munich, Germany / Middlesex University, UK
2007-2010Art Director at McCann Erickson, Vienna, Austria
Since 2009Working together with Jens Bambauer
Since 2010Freelance Art Director

Jens Bambauer
1981born in Wetzlar, Germany
2003-2007studied Multimedia Arts (BA) SAE in Munich, Germany / Middlesex University, UK
2007-2010User Interface Developer at Neue Digitale/ Razorfish, Frankfurt M., Germany
Since 2009Working together with Robert G. Achtel
Since 2010Freelance Creative Developer
Since 2011Director of Photography at Dobago Film Gießen, Germany