Artist of the month: André Monet

Introducing: André Monet

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About André Monet

Discover captivating mixed-media portraits by Canadian artist André Monet for an intimate look at pop culture icons. From afar, these works resemble photographs with precise color accents. Up close however, we see the artist’s hand in a wealth of intricately assembled details. Monet’s work is globally admired, with many fans as famous as his subjects; his gold-hued Beyoncé portrait hangs in the office of musical superstar Drake, and he has even been commissioned by the British Royal Family.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Monet studied art and graphic design at Laval University. After a period working in fashion, illustration, and advertising, he turned his full focus to art. Throughout his career, he has explored many techniques, but primarily concentrates on the portraits that have earned him great international acclaim.

Assembling the Pieces

André Monet finds inspiration for his work in all aspects of culture, from Pablo Picasso to Kate Moss to Rihanna to Muhammad Ali. When selecting his subjects, he always has a finger on the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist.

Once he has selected a subject, Monet first adheres a collage of newsprint, maps, stamps, and other miscellanea to a canvas. Many of these elements have a connection to the subject. This might be direct, as in the visible lines from Jay-Z’s autobiography, or more tangential, as in the postage stamp featuring the young Queen in his new portrait of the late Freddie Mercury. Monet then paints over the assembled collage, leaving bits and pieces to peek through and provide additional context, color, and texture. Finally he finishes his portraits using, of all implements, a toothbrush.

André Monet

Behind every face there is a story.

André Monet

Familiar Faces with Many Facets

While it is hard enough to perfectly capture someone’s likeness, capturing their essence requires an entirely different level of artistry. Time and time again, André Monet rises to the challenge. His portraits radiate emotional intensity.

Reinterpreting a star’s image is no small task, and yet Monet does it repeatedly, putting his own pop art twist on iconic figures. Not only does his work reflect the stars’ multi-faceted personalities, it also reflexively examines our fascination with them as we scour for references and insights into the subject’s personality.

These portraits offer a creative window into the complex personalities of the stars and make amazing statement pieces mounted and framed on your wall. Discover your favorite piece now and bring the stars home with you!

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