Artist of the Month: Derek Gores

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About Derek Gores

When Derek Gores starts working on one of his collages, the air is charged with energy and creativity. He reaches for a stack of magazines, rips pages out, and rapidly adheres them to a large canvas. At first, it all seems intuitive and spontaneous, entirely impulsive. But as the artist uses more elements, the scraps become smaller and smaller, and the image becomes clearer and clearer. The artist’s original idea is illuminated. Fine lines emerge from the large surface, we see an elegant black-and-white figure and multiple vividly red pieces of concrete forms. A woman in a black dress faces the viewer, red telephone in hand.

Artist of the month: Derek Gores

Fashion, elegance, and beauty play a particular role in the work of Derek Gores. His characters are opulently dressed women with handbags and high heels. There is almost always a cat with them - this is one of Gores’ trademarks. He also creates vibrant butterflies and powerful racehorses. The vitality found in his creative process is reflected in the pieces themselves. The forms express dynamism, and the skillful color accents in black-and-white surroundings generate the intensity for which Gores’ compositions are known. To him, the emotion of creating needs to come across in the work.

Derek Gores

Most of my pictures are dedicated to beauty, but it is a beauty made up of chaos and conflict.

Derek Gores

In addition to the artist’s incredible creativity, his pieces exhibit an impressive degree of complexity. From a distance, they seem like realistic photos with a unique flair. As we step closer, we find an astonishing abundance of unexpected details. Faces appear along with advertising slogans and illustrations from various magazines. Gores knows exactly how to make use of the entire variety of materials at his disposal. The individual pieces of the collage are in a dialog with each other and with the overall image. Everything is connected, dynamically unified.

Derek Gores first started experimenting with newspaper collages at just 17 years of age. Since then, he has refined and mastered new techniques for creating his one-of-a-kind works of art. A recipient of multiple awards, Gores finds inspiration from artists like Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Max Ernst. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, he now lives and works in Melbourne, Florida.


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