Picture Shelves and Leaning Art: Relaxed and Interchangeable

You don’t always have to hang your favourite pieces on the wall – try leaning them against it! You can also try standing them on a piece of furniture. This saves you the trouble of hanging them up and gives you the freedom to move them around at will. If you’d like to stand a work of art on the floor, you’ll probably want to choose a large-format and expressive piece to make sure it commands attention even though it’s not at eye-level. Shelves are another way to vary the height of your display. Arranging pictures so they overlap and have a very casual appearance can create a remarkable effect!

Leaning works on a picture shelf
Leaning works on a picture shelf
LUMAS works on shelves
LUMAS works on shelves
Expert tip by Heike Dander

Our Customers’ Leaned Art:

Billy & Hells: Svende
Billy & Hells: Svende.
@house5000pi – via Instagram
Pierre-Adrien Sollier: Wonderwoman
Pierre-Adrien Sollier: Wonderwoman.
@Très Click – via Instagram
Richard Rutledge: Snapshot
Richard Rutledge: Snapshot.
@houseno_44 – via Instagram
Stephanie Kloss: PALM SPRINGS CITY HALL (Albert Frey)
Stephanie Kloss: PALM SPRINGS CITY HALL (Albert Frey).
@ketchembunnies – via Instagram
George Hoyningen-huene: Bathers I (m.), Bathers II (r.)
George Hoyningen-huene: Bathers I (m.), Bathers II (r.)
@alexanderpaar – via Instagram
Robert Lebeck: New York 1967
Robert Lebeck: New York 1967.
@raquelyaseen – via Instagram

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